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* Face Painting

* Balloon twisting

* Airbrush tattoos

* Gritter tattoos

* Henna Tattoos

* Balloon decor

"Face Painting"

"Glitter Tattoos"

Glitter tattoos last for about 3-5 days, great for teenagers parties, carnivals, etc. Glitter tattoos can be remove with alcohol or makeup remover.

"Airbrush Tattoos"

Air brush tattoos are temporary tattoos, really fun, safe for the skin, we have tons of designs to pick from, from small, medium and large. They can last up to a week but can be remove with alcohol or makeup remover. Great for pool parties or beach parties.

"Balloon Twisting"

We can make lots of popular designs, everyone loves balloons!

"Henna Tattoos"

"Pregnancy Belly Painting"

Rates are from $80-$120 depend on the design.

Painted by:

Brenda Bourges &

Cinthya Chamberlain

"Body Art"

Painted by:

Cinthya Chamberlain

Brenda Bourges

Carmen Macdonals

Julie Stevens


* Balloon decoration; minimum order is $250 in OC.

If you are also hiring any other service, you can get a discounted rate.